Hearts and Roses 2023

Hearts and Roses Luncheon - a BIG Success!

The fundraiser was very successful with over $5,000 raised for lifesaving equipment that is needed for local patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. The event was co-chaired by Charlie Bouchard and Dr. Frances White, Rose Bud Special Events Directors. Fran also led us in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday! Ric Miller, the Director of Cardiac Services at St. Rose, praised the Rose Buds for their special initiatives that have raised almost $250,000 since 2019, the year of our founding. Without the interference of the Covid-19 pandemic, much more funding would have been raised during that time. He also had some special remarks praising Dr. Ivey’s excellent medical skills and outstanding patient care.

Patricia Lindberg, Co-Founder and President of the Rose Bud Auxiliary, served as the emcee and presented Dr. Ivey with the coveted Humankindness Award along with Dr. Chad Warren, the President of the St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation. Dr. Ivey gave an inspiring presentation about heart health and the importance of compassion and human kindness in caring for cardiac patients.

The raffle gifts were popular with the guests and contributed to the financial success of the program. Adrienne Cogil, Director of Raffles for the Rose Buds and her committee did an outstanding job! Sharron Grodzinsky, Director of Communications, designed and created all the lovely promotional materials for the event and assisted with photography. Susan Parks, Vice President, Debbie Palomino, Secretary and Karen Majeski, Treasurer assisted with a variety of important tasks to keep the program running smoothly. Debra Mills, the liaison with the St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation, provided us with great support.

The Rose Buds were fortunate to have many volunteers to assist us in creating such a successful event. Special thanks to Cindy Mapes, Joan Berry, Sandy Lewis, Celia Krom, Joanne Quinn, Marilyn Horween, Roselyn Martov, Carina Borgesson, Cindy Zeaman, Tom Bouchard, and Donna and Bill War.

Last, but not least, the Rose Buds extend their deepest appreciation to Paula Green, Executive Coordinator for the St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation for the myriad of tasks that she undertook for us. Thank you Paula!

Hearts and Roses 2023