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Why Giving Matters

Your contributions through donation and volunteering create a lasting impact.

Behind each gift received at St. Rose lies a narrative of kindness. Whether through your time or financial support, everyone can align with a cause that resonates with their passion, knowing that each volunteered hour and donated dollar holds profound meaning.

Access to healthcare is a privilege we often take for granted until we or our loved ones face illness. It's then that we expect expert care to be readily available. Unfortunately, for some in our communities, this is not the reality. The funds raised with the support of our community play a crucial role in enhancing the health status of the community and addressing the ongoing needs of Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospitals..

The St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation is joined by supporters who wholeheartedly believe in the mission and values of St. Rose. The generosity of our donors has paved the way for the development of additional services and new technologies, catering to the evolving healthcare needs of our community. We extend an invitation for you to delve into these stories, draw inspiration, gain knowledge, and, hopefully, feel compelled to join us in making a meaningful difference.