A Grateful First Impression 

A smiling face and reassurance during a stressful time, can go a long way to put a patient's mind and spirit at ease. Justine Collins works in our Admitting Department at the San Martín Campus. She is gifted with connecting with those she serves in a special way. Her colleagues describe her as "the epitome of humankindness." A patient, who has asked to remain anonymous, made a cash donation to the St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation in honor of Justine's kindness during a very challenging time. They shared that, "Justine made the admission process easy and spent extra time to calm their fears."  

Our St. Rose Saints Grateful Patients Program allows those who wish to express their gratitude to make a donation in honor of our volunteers, staff or clinicians. Showing humankindness during a care experience truly inspires those served to support our healing mission. We are so grateful for our employees, like Justine, who make all the difference in the lives of our patients!

To make a donation or refer a grateful patient or family, please call Natasha Meinecke at 702-616-5758.