San Martín Saint Recognized

St. Rose Saint Honored at San Martín – Gratitude is Good for Health 

In a review article published by Harvard Health Publications in November 2011, the authors put it quite succinctly “expressing thanks may be one of the simplest ways to feel better & happy” (The Harvard Mental Health Letter, November 2011).  Happiness has also been linked to good health. Beyond the immediate elevated mood experienced when people feel happy, happiness can reduce blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease (Fredrickson 1998).  For patients and families giving in support of our mission is an extension of that patient’s healing journey.

Recently, a patient at San Martín was so touched by the care provided by Jo Yamut, an IMC nurse, she wanted to do something special.  She delivered a generous gift to our Mission Department and said she wanted to make a donation in Jo’s honor.  The patient, who has asked to remain anonymous, said Jo is her “angel” and when she offered to do something for her personally, Jo told her the kindest gesture she could make would be to give a donation in support of our mission.  This patient was so touched by the kindness showed to her that she wanted to “pay it forward.”  She said “giving makes me feel good inside, I want to be part of helping someone else recover like I have.”  

A very special thank you to Jo and the San Martín IMC Team for the exceptional care they provide our patients each day and for allowing our patients to express their thanks by giving. We hope you enjoyed the donuts as much as we enjoyed getting them for you!